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Cost Certainty


Fee Transparency


No Hidden Costs

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At Compcore we are committed to offering clients fair and reasonable pricing. That means providing traditional legal services at non-traditional law firm prices. It also means cost certainty, fee transparency and the removal of hidden costs.

Compcore’s business model allows us to service clients coast-to-coast while operating out of a small centralized business center without the need for traditional large and costly office space and staff compliments. By minimizing operating costs through geography and technology Compcore can pass our savings to clients through reduced billing rates and fixed-fee billing arrangements.

To ensure cost certainty and fee transparency we clearly define our hourly rates and the expected range of time allocated to matters prior to clients retaining our firm. In addition we do not charge for initial consultations; we do not demand monetary retainers; we do not charge a premium for work completed outside of normal business hours; and we do not ask for reimbursement for simple costs of doing business such as long distance phone calls, faxes and photocopying.